Friday, 10 October 2014

People and attitudes

This week my attitude has changed from "too busy to break" to "breaks are good".

Logically I knew this all along and took the line of "unfortunately, I just don't have the time!" Last week circumstances conspired to put me in a place where I had three breaks. I couldn't work during those breaks and I was with other people. The first time, I relaxed and enjoyed myself and returned to my desk slightly concerned about how much pressure I'd now be under to complete my tasks for the day.

Not only did I blitz through them, I wiped out half of my remaining task list.

On Tuesday I deliberately and voluntarily took a break. I am an absolute convert.


Additionally: I read this article. The article itself is interesting and useful but the comments are horrifying! This article has a lot of comments from people who hate their boss or feel they are hated by others because they themselves are exceptionally good at their job.

Am I wrong to wonder if they are the individuals who need to be fractionally more self reflective and wonder if maybe they are on the other side of the article?