Friday, 24 October 2014

We made it

It's half term. We made it this far.

What is particularly good about it for me is that I have now been in post for a year and I thought it would be a good time to think about what has happened over the last year and where I have developed most.

For me there's no question - When I took this job I was very concerned about my management skills as I had no background in this area and as an introvert, the prospect of managing a team was very intimidating. My management skills are significantly higher than they were last year and to have developed in this way is the single thing I am most proud of. I'm more confident, I know what being a manager means from this perspective and I trust myself to actually have the difficult conversations that are occasionally required.

In other areas, where I only have to manage tasks and deadlines I have also developed - co-ordinating the workloads of a team requires more finesse than I originally expected, but that is becoming more natural to me now as well.

I'm really happy and I feel my team are also confident in me going forward.

Now I'm going to spend four days asleep.

Friday, 10 October 2014

People and attitudes

This week my attitude has changed from "too busy to break" to "breaks are good".

Logically I knew this all along and took the line of "unfortunately, I just don't have the time!" Last week circumstances conspired to put me in a place where I had three breaks. I couldn't work during those breaks and I was with other people. The first time, I relaxed and enjoyed myself and returned to my desk slightly concerned about how much pressure I'd now be under to complete my tasks for the day.

Not only did I blitz through them, I wiped out half of my remaining task list.

On Tuesday I deliberately and voluntarily took a break. I am an absolute convert.


Additionally: I read this article. The article itself is interesting and useful but the comments are horrifying! This article has a lot of comments from people who hate their boss or feel they are hated by others because they themselves are exceptionally good at their job.

Am I wrong to wonder if they are the individuals who need to be fractionally more self reflective and wonder if maybe they are on the other side of the article?


Friday, 3 October 2014

This week I learned legalese

I've never been a fluent speaker of legalese and I don't pretend to be now. But after a week of reading various contracts and SLAs I can say with confidence that I either know what some of these sentences are saying, or I've become delusional.

Either way, I think that's as close as anyone can get to speaking legalese.