Thursday, 25 October 2012

Augmented Reality

I attended the Augmented Reality in Education Event 2012 (#aree2012) last Friday and one message came through loud and clear:

The people using this technology are in Sales and Marketing. Educational uses are waaaay behind.

The thing that strikes me as weird about this is that education and sales/ marketing actually do the same thing. We try to introduce new concepts in a way the customer/ learner will remember and consider.

Brands want us to know their jingle, catchphrase and/ mascot (how many meerkats can you name? And how long did it take you to understand the reference?). Teachers want us to know the cosine rule, where the wind comes from and the difference between weight and mass.

Now admittedly, sales people have the freedom to build a story around their product which is easier for us to buy into and remember, but we should be able to employ the obviously successful techniques in education.

I'm very optimistic that this will be easier using AR than it has been in the past with other technology/ techniques precisely because it seems to be more about incentivising the learner to seek information than it is about engaging them with the information directly.

Anyway, that is the basic direction for my research into AR - how has it succeeded before and can I use that?

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