Monday, 10 October 2011


One of the things I was deeply concerned about before I started my eLearning crusade was the previous experience the college has had with VLEs.

Their previous was Sharepoint. Not Sharepoint LMS, just Sharepoint. It had its up side - certain things really worked well, and did what they wanted (and needed) at the time. Frankly, for those who use a VLE as a document repository Sharepoint is what you want, isn't it? However, there was an incident where the database corrupted, the backup failed and a lot of data just disappeared for a few departments.

On the back of this, I was expecting a lot of resistance to the institution of a new VLE (namely Moodle) because a) "We spent ages on the old one and then it broke so what's the point?" or b) "The new one's going to be replaced soon, as well, so what's the point?". What actually happened was completely different.

No one knows that "the old VLE" was called Sharepoint and nobody thinks that Moodle is a VLE. As a result, despite their previous experience, every single person is coming to this with an open mind.

It's incredibly fortunate for me that Moodle is the tool it is; each person who has been shown the system so far has a positive reaction. There is some umming and ahhing from the more cautious members of staff, but the vast majority are comfortable and confident with the idea of including this in their teaching.

I'm feeling unbelievably positive about everything related to this job :)

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