Friday, 30 September 2011

Moodle Cloze Questions

I was presented with an opportunity today to interest some members of staff in using quizzes in Moodle. I seiezed it and deduced that a Cloze quiz would be perfect for their needs.

As is the way, Cloze quizzes are the ones I'd never really tried before, so the last hour has been spent developing the quiz behind closed doors. I am now absolutely confident in creating short answer cloze questions, even if nothing else.

The quiz will be demonstrated to staff and (I hope) immediately made available to students as a basic study activity.This is a momentous occasion as it is the first time I've pushed quizzes, and I'm worried it may be too soon. However, it fit the situation so perfectly, if I hadn't raised it I'm sure it would have come back to haunt me.

The full guide to Cloze questions is provided by the lovely people supporting Moodle but for my own use and future reference: a Cloze quiz allows you to write a portion of text which students must complete with correct words, either by selecting from a drop down menu or radio buttons, filling out short answers, or giving a numerical value.

Write the whole sentence in the Question text and identify the words/ numbers that students must fill out.

{1:SHORTANSWER:=Answer} <- Where the curly brackets deliminate the coding, the initial number is the grade for that question and :IDENT: describes the answer type (SHORTANSWER, SHORTANSWER_C, NUMERICAL, MULTICHOICE, MULTICHOICE_V, MULTICHOICE_H). Additionally = points to the corrrect answer and ~ would indicate alternatives.

That's as far as I've used it, but I will record the further adventures of Moodle development as we go.

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