Wednesday, 28 September 2011

An early lunch

Today I had a moodle training session. I had one last night as well, but it was supposed to last one hour and it was between 4 and 5, so by the time everyone had logged on I was feeling distinctly rushed. The outcome was positive, but I didn't feel that I'd taken the time I would have liked to.

This morning, I had a full two hours booked out, and I went through the same points I always do. I like spontaneity, so I tend to mix things up a little and make each session that little more interesting for me. It means I am always open to ditching what I had planned and respond exactly to what the learners want to do.

I've found it also means that every time I come to a training session I am as enthusiastic as I was at the first and that, more than anything else I've found, is what people respond to. Not a superior kind of enthusiasm, or a tech geek kind of enthusiasm, but what I personally think of as "puppy syndrome". I'm talking and happy about everything and I feel at the beginning that people are willing to humour me. But I can almost feel that moment when it turns from "She's asking me to do this" to "Wow, I just did this!" or "Actually, that's pretty good. It would be better if I could do *this* though."

And the best thing is, I can see the difference it makes. I can see courses being built and people trying new things. I'm really looking forward to the summer holiday and the start of next year when we have the basics in place and we start really building on it.

I'm dreaming big this time.

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