Monday, 5 September 2011

And we're off!

Last Thursday and Friday were the staff inset days at which I announced my presence and kick started the Moodle introduction.

I made a real effort during my presentation to NOT focus on the VLE - it's important that staff know that a VLE is not the only means of using technology to enhance learning. So I gave a brief introduction to myself and our resources, giving examples on use of non-VLE tools.

This morning I crawled into college (Monday morning, without the aid of caffeine, yay!) and have spent the whole day since chasing around after various questions and enquiries. It's the first day of inductions so there is a very excited buzz around the place, and we're seeing students again in their natural habitat. It's quite lovely after the rather dreary summer.

In addition I've stepped in on the perfect year as I have recently discovered that the BTECs have altered in some way which means staff were already aware they'd have to spend time this year developing materials. The idea of developing them in Moodle came along almost as an afterthought to some of them.

I do feel the need ot record the pleasure I'm experiencing in all this chaos - a few years ago I swore I'd never do tech support again and of course a large part of my role now is tech support! However, it's enjoyable and people are interested in the information I give them, rather than being negative about every little thing.

I am feeling very lucky to be working amongst such positive people who are all as willing to learn as they are to teach.

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