Monday, 13 June 2011

Students in the Workplace

There is a big push going forward now to extend formal education into the workplace. Apprenticeships are one example and there are various projects going forth to cover varying levels of education for full time employees.

We are working on one such project with local employers and it's great. The employers are interested, committed and communicating openly with us. The staff they want to have trained will get full support.

The problem that I see (and currently have no way of addressing) is that these employers are interested enough in training their staff to consult with us on the courses we are creating. Our first cohort is going to be made up of employees from similar companies where the employers are invested in training their staff. This means the feedback we get is from people who are willing to release their staff for some time and supply them with access to the tools they need to study at work. They are also willing to structure shifts around when their staff need to study.

Do you see where this is going? There are going to be several employers out there who just aren't interested in training their staff. How do we overcome the barriers they find to put in our way?

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