Thursday, 19 May 2011

My first meeting.

A few weeks ago we purchased (rented?) a Functional Skills Levels 1 & 2 SCORM package on an annual basis.

I set it up within Moodle and demo'd it to the lady who was in charge in my department and she was happy with it. She mentioned it in passing to the functional skills group within the college who expressed an interest and we had a brief meeting today.

Prior to going in I had a bit of a gossip with an unrelated member of staff (I burn stress by chatting) and they "reassured" me by telling me that Functional Skills in the college does not typically use tech and so I would find  myself head and shoulders above them and more tech confident. It didn't have the effect they hoped as I (obviously) wanted them to be technically comptetent at least and confident as a preference and that description or comparison was not ... what I wanted to hear.

Fortunately, I was open minded and they were very receptive. After a lovely discussion they seemed to think Moodle - and the SCORM package - were valuable to both them and the college.

I think that means I have a few potential early adopters if not enthusiasts.

And I have another meeting this afternoon, which I've just discovered I need to prepare a speech and documentation for, so here endeth the lunch break.

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