Monday, 23 May 2011

Feedback on E-Learning materials

I made some E-Learning materials back in Feb - Dec last year and they've been trialled by Weston College. we had a meeting this year to discuss how they need to be improved before they can be considered workable.

I sent a feedback form to the guy who reviewed them (don't have permission to include his name here, so I think perhaps I'd better not) and got it back last Friday.

Here's an insight into my personality for you. As soon as I got it, I printed it off, stapled it and refused to even look at it until this morning (don't staple with your eyes closed kids!) because I was terrified that it might be bad. Terrified.

I invested so much time and effort and learned so much about teaching and building materials specifically for learning and passing over vast quantities of information that I was worried about if it would be successful. I can see how I have improved and how it altered at the various stages. I can see where I was confident and where I wasn't. I feel insecure about how the world will see it.

However, the feedback was good.

Obviously it wasn't perfect, but my expectation of myself and my work was, once again, significantly higher than the rest of the world. It's a great feeling to be told that although I am not perfect I am certainly good enough.

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